During the classroom unit we talk about Residential Schools but we don’t hear directly from the Survivors of these schools. It is important to hear their stories as this honours what they survived and all they sacrificed to now help the Nations and Canada in reconciling. They shared their stories in the hope of inspiring the next generation (you) in envisioning a better country.

For your presentation:

  •   As a group, commit that each one of you will watch or listen to 1 survivor story each.

 In your Powerpoint:

  • Collect photos (or screenshots) of the story you have listened to and include quotes from each story you have heard in your Powerpoint.
  • Find a few books, stories or sources for your class to hear or read the stories of survivors
  •  Add information about where students can go to meet or interact with survivors (speakers, events, the Brantford residential school museum, etc.)

See the collection of videos which include survivors' testimonies as well as a video on the day of the Canadian Government Apology at the Legacy of Hope Foundation resource library. (On the page, scroll down after the reading resources to access the video library.)