Welcome to 4 Seasons of Reconciliation

This unit is aimed at the grade 10 history course and can be adapted for other secondary courses. The pilot phase took place spring 2016 and the materials were finalized and ready for the classroom. Joining our team of ongoing writers and reviewers is Anishnaabe author Maurice Swtizer, We are All Treaty People.

  1. The Teacher Guide is a detailed step-by-step companion for each of the five days with everything you need to teach each unit
  2. Professional Development this section can be shared with all staff to deepen their knowledge of 'Truth and Reconciliation' 
  3. The student section: This section is for their group project as well as a resource they can access beyond the week


You can access and save on your computer all of the media content, PowerPoints and teacher guide by following the steps below.

How to start:

Download the Unit Here:

Teacher Guide Sample

Review the Teacher Guide: 

4 Seasons of Reconciliation (PDF)                

Download the high resolution '4 Seasons of Reconciliation' week-long unit and all additional materials above from the Dropbox link provided above. The full teacher guide with all curriculum links provides a detailed break-down of each day of the week-long unit.

View Film

Preview the film yourself before showing it in class on Monday.

Module 1 - Show the film from Productions Cazabon, 3rd World Canada. The film is part of the 'truth-telling' of the current reality of where we are in the continuum of reconciliation. From seeing the truth, learners are motivated to learn more about the history and the journey towards reconciliation. It is the eye-opener needed to unpack the the movement of 'Truth & Reconciliation'.

Type this password: endthirdworld

3rd World Canada Film Cover

Powerpoint Samples

Review PowerPoints in Advance

These are the powerpoints for Day 2, 3, 4 and 5 that you will find in high resolution in the Dropbox folder:

  • PPT #1 - The colonial lens of history
  • PPT #2 - Wampum Belt Teachings
  • PPT #3 - We are all Treaty People
  • PPT #4 - What is reconciliation in Canada?
  • PPT #5 - Student reconciliation movement  
  • PPT #6 - Restitution in Canada

Multi-Media links

 The follow the links below to the additional multi-media content contained in Module 2 & 3. The Ted Talk 'America's Native Prisoners of War' and the short film 'First Contact' by artist Steven Paul Judd. 

Ted Talk video

Explore The Professional Development Section:

Teacher Section

Access the professional development section to learn more at your own pace. This section is divided into smaller topics which allow you to learn more about Residential Schools, Youth perspectives on Reconciliation, Aboriginal Heroes, Survivor testimony and more.

Explore the Student Section:

In module 1 students receive a handout which provides them access to the student log-in section of this website. Instructions provided lead them to browse the topic library and choose their top 3 choices for the group project. In groups they will work on a 3-5 minute Powerpoint presentation related to their topic preference (according to class size and dynamics).  Teachers are encouraged to browse the topics for their own awareness.