Topic #2 - Environment


Indigenous People play a significant role in Canada in the protection of the environment against pollution and destruction of lands and water. When Indigenous People insist on for protection of their territories they often do so for the wellbeing of the land itself which in turn benefits all living beings.

Indigenous People in Canada have successfully won many environmental protection cases. Environmental groups across the country are aligning themselves with Indigenous People to protect the environment. Indigenous worldviews are different from Western worldviews when it comes to values related to the land, water, animals and all living things. These different values held by Indigenous People can contribute greatly to Canada and to the globe since our country is primarily one of natural resources.  Indigenous scientists and traditional knowledge-keepers have much to contribute in helping Canada address climate change and pollution and preserving the land we share to ensure its survival for the next 10,000 years. Indigenous People practised sophisticated ways of protecting animals, water, lands and food sources from destruction for over 12,000 years. They are experts on how to live respectfully with the environment and can help Canada greatly innovate and succeed in this area. 

For your presentation select from:

  •      Indigenous Worldviews towards the environment
  •      Indigenous contributions to the well-being of the environment: name example(s) of protection of lands and waters in Canada (or around the world)
  •       Highlight Indigenous spokesperson for the environment

You can choose from the web links and videos below  OR choose from your own research. These are only a FEW examples to get you started on your research. 

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The Supreme Court decision granting the land claim of a B.C. First Nation is a game-changer for many aboriginal communities across the country.

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The faith project: aboriginal spirituality

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10 Indigenous and environmental struggles—and how you can help in 2017.