Topic #1 : Nations

Whose traditional territory are we on? Research the Nation(s) whose lands your school is built on. Which Nation(s) are we connected to in our community?

Ensure that all of your sources are Indigenous

For your presentation include:

  • Whose traditional territories is your school  built on? 
  • What is the closest reserve? 
  • Choose one or more Nation whose traditional territories your school is built on to highlight in your presentation. Include the following elements: 
  1. Their name in english and their name in their language
  2. A photo of their flag
  3. Languages spoken 
  4. A quote about who they are from their own Nation
  5. The treaty they have signed (or they could be on lands without treaty which is called 'un-ceeded' territory
  6. 1-3 things that their Nation celebrate and that they are proud of (for examples: do they host a festival, pow wow, treaty conference, graduation celebrations, Elder festivals, economic development events, etc.) 
  7. Population 
  8. Their own website or Facebook page which they host (not from outside sources)
  9. Add one or two items about this Nation that you find interesting
  10. Mention other Nations or Indigenous organizations that are part of your community (for example: Métis, Inuit population, Friendship Centres etc.)