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Below see the ‘Film Premiere highlight’ video (4 min), access the photo album of the event, the trailer of the film and a short clip from Senator Murray Sinclair on economic certainty, as well as the documentary film, Reconciliation on Bay St.

Film Premiere Highlight Video: (4:11 min.) - Click on image or copy and paste this link in your browser to share:

On October 16th, Corporate Canada was invited for the first time to a reconciliation event to learn about Call to Action #92 from the Truth & Reconciliation Calls to Action, watch a film and learn from a panel of Indigenous business leaders. It was a sold out event with an after-life in the planning. Throughout November we seek meetings to discuss how the film and its accompanying reconciliation resources can continue to have impact. Perhaps even a national tour? Connect, meet with us:

Short clip from the film on economic certainty (1:10 min.) from Senator Murray Sinclair, Commissioner, Truth & Reconciliation Commission:

Reconciliation on Bay St. Trailer: (4:00 min.) - premiered at the event:

Tech tip: Allow a few moments for the video to render (you can see progress when a grey bar appears in the wide rectangle showing the play progress). You can also play a few moments and then return back to the start of the video. (The video needs some time to render (depending on the speed of your internet) before it can play without freezing.

The full documentary film is available to view here (and share) until December 30th.

After November 10th, please contact us for access to the film. We are collecting impact quotes from the event or the film. Please kindly provide us with your impressions. It would be greatly appreciated.

Here are just a few of the highlight images from the premiere event: (see below to access the full photo library):


Want to access or download photos to share? Here is the link to the Dropbox full image library here (there are more photos in this link):

Screenings & panel discussions of the documentary,Reconciliation on Bay St.’ is a catalyst for a positive shift in the right direction: as was experienced at the reconciliation premiere event on October 16th.  Meet with us this November to help us tour this initiative nationally and engage with organizations and education sites to share the film and resources. Sign up below or email us at:

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From left to right: Chief Cadmus Delorme .,  Max Fineday, Carol Anne Hilton ,  Chief Duke Peltier ,  Jean Paul Gladu  and  David Sharpe .

From left to right: Chief Cadmus Delorme., Max Fineday, Carol Anne Hilton, Chief Duke Peltier, Jean Paul Gladu and David Sharpe.

The event was held on October 16th at the King Edward Hotel in the financial district with the film premiere of, Reconciliation on Bay St. (Productions Cazabon) followed by an Indigenous panel of experts: Carol Anne Hilton, Chief Duke Peltier, Jean Paul Gladu and David Sharpe. The panel was moderated by Max Fineday with closing words by Chief Cadmus Delorme. The writer of the film, Maurice Switzer was honoured with a special gift from a Dene Elder and nine Residential School Survivors were in attendance. Proceeds from the event went towards Scholarships at First Nations University of Canada.

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We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Economic Club of Canada for hosting this event and for all their dedication to its success and to Emic for championing this film:


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Watch a short preview of the Professional Development resource: 4 Seasons of Reconciliation:


Reconciliation Education is produced by Productions Cazabon an award-winning film & media online publishing company in collaboration with the First Nations University of Canada.