Welcome to the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario ‘Professional Development’ course:

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  1. Watch the 2-min overview video here below introducing you to the course

  2. Login to your course by : Click on the web page link below. You will arrive at your ‘sign-up’ page.

  3. In the webpage click on the white button that says ‘Enter Here’

  4. Fill in the form to: create your profile by adding your email address and selecting a password of your choice for this site (note it in your records for future log-ins to the course). After you create your login info - it will prompt you to PURCHASE the course. Click in that section to begin your course - you will be then be charged: $0.00 since your Board has already purchased the course.

  5. Success! You are now being directed to the course section. You will recognize your Board’s logo. This is where you want to continue to return to in order to access your course. Therefore:

  6. Bookmark this course log-in page to return to the course at any time by clicking on the ‘sign in’ button on the top right button:

  7. To sign back in here is the sign-in link as well: https://learn.reconciliationeducation.ca/users/sign_in

  8. Please note that on the left side of your course page, there is a drop-down panel which provides you with a ‘Table of Content’ of your course. We recommend that you activate this left panel to access additional information and the bonus learning section.

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