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  1. Professional Development Unit for the workplace
  2. Secondary History Unit
  3. Post-Secondary Unit
  4. Francophone Unit

** Please Note: Depending on the speed of your internet, the videos may take a few moments to buffer and load. If this is the case, we suggest turning off the audio and allowing it to play a few moments which will trigger it to buffer. After a minute - you can simply bring the cursor back to the the start with audio and watch it while you see the grey zone downloading (buffering) the rest of the video.

Each of the four units provide the basic foundational primer Canadians have not yet learned in school. The units meet the Calls to Action and are meant to enhance (not replace) local Indigenous knowledge. We hope that that these units provide a bridge that facilitates direct learning relationships with Indigenous Peoples. With this foundational unit, face to face connections with Indigenous Peoples are the natural next step. Online portals and multi-media elements cannot replace the importance of being in direct contact with the Indigenous Peoples in your region - we hope these serve as a building bloc to assist with those connections. 

Let's take a few moments to hear from our Indigenous collaborators and co-creators and watch the introduction video that will provide you with an overview before going further. 

Please Note:

Before clicking on the red button to access your demo, we invite you to scroll down on this page, to VIEW TRAILERS of: short film & video located below: 

Post-Secondary Unit Overview

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PD Overview

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Secondary Unit Overview

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Professional Development





Les 4 saisons de la réconciliation

Francophone Portal




Watch trailers of our new film content featured in Venice: 

Below you can view a short trailer of three reconciliation films produced by our team that will be included in the resource as bonus features in the '4 Seasons of Reconciliation' units in fall 2018. The three short documentary films are: 'Waniska - an awakening of Indigenous Knowledge', 'Reconciliation on Bay Street' & 'Douglas Cardinal - Architect of the Future'. All three films are in response to the TRC-94 Calls to Action. 

Two of these films (Waniska and Douglas Cardinal) are playing daily at Canada's official entry in the international arts festival: Venice, Italy Biennale at the Unceded Indigenous exhibition along with our multi-media videos on Treaties, Indigenous History and Residential Schools all featured in the 4 Seasons of Reconciliation unit.

Across 4 Provinces:

4 Seasons of Reconciliation is currently in four provinces across Canada. We look forward to meeting the reconciliation education needs of provinces and territories across the country in french and english. With the feedback of our education partners and Indigenous organizations in each region, our goal is to provide local content in the PowerPoints and the videos from these regions to infuse local perspectives. A similar adaptation could be brought to Alberta.

Alberta Videos:

While our team was filming for three upcoming short documentaries on reconciliation this past summer, we visited Alberta and captured some of the below leaders. Here are some short highlights below. With Alberta education partners, more Alberta videos can be added to the collection for the classroom and for professional development.

Prince-Edward Island Videos: 

For the Ministry of Education, our team filmed two videos in Prince Edward Island to welcome teachers to '4 Seasons of Reconciliation'. The first from Unceded Mi'kmaq territory with Chief Francis as well as Premier MacLaughlan welcoming teachers to reconciliation. The Premier is a former teacher and committed to reconciliation. 

About Us:

4 Seasons of Reconciliation is a multi-media teaching unit that promotes a renewed relationship between Indigenous Peoples and Canadians, through transformative learning. This educational initiative, developed  for secondary, post-secondary and the workplace incorporates teacher guides, slideshows, videos and films along with engaging online portals. 

Our commitment to truth and reconciliation started over ten years ago with the documentary film, 3rd World Canada and the reconciliation trips in the remote fly-in Nation of Kitchenhumaykoosib Inninuwug. This resource flows from a multi-media educational unit in partnership with the Aboriginal Healing Foundation and the Legacy of Hope.

The themes and narrative arc of our unit follow First Nations principles, and were drawn according to directives from our Indigenous Advisory Circle. Educators as well as schooling institutions will benefit from our ability to establish a network between participating schools and First Nations communities. This in turn will enable students and their professors to ground their learning experience in the First Nations territories and communities that surround them. Our leading partner in the '4 Seasons of Reconciliation' is the First Nations University of Canada. 

Reconciliation Education is produced by Productions Cazabon an award-winning media & online publishing company.

Visit our upcoming reconciliation film series: www.4SeasonsReconciliation.ca

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