Meet and learn from an Indigenous Person

This online unit is meant to enhance (not replace) local Indigenous knowledge. We hope that that this unit provided you with a bridge that can facilitate direct learning relationships with Indigenous Peoples, Nations and organizations as a result of a heightened awareness and understanding. With this foundational unit, connections with Indigenous Peoples are the natural next step we invite you to take. Online portals and multi-media elements cannot replace the importance of being in direct contact with the Indigenous Peoples in your region. Sitting down beside an Indigenous person and taking the time to listen and learn is a vital next step. We hope this learning serves as a building bloc to assist with those essential local connections. 


Final Quiz

Once you have reviewed all of the course content within the portal you may begin the final quiz. 


Congratulations for completing the unit! 


If you would like to further your knowledge of Reconciliation, you can take the Certificate of Reconciliation Studies course at the First Nations University of Canada. This 18-credit (6 course) Certificate of Reconciliation Studies (CRS) was created on the heels of the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the CRS program focuses on recognizing the shared history of Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples and the need to promote healing, equity and respect for /of Indigenous cultures and values in Canadian Society.