Video: Mansbridge One on One with Cindy Blackstock


Hear from Indigenous hero Dr. Cindy Blackstock on the CBC's One on One with Peter Mansbridge. Dr. Blackstock is one of Canada's leading Aboriginal voices and a passionate advocate for repairing the relationship between indigenous and non-indigenous Canadians.  Find out about her work and student & educators' resources below at the Caring Society. 

Duration: 22:23 minutes

Video: Hear from Music Icon Buffy Sainte-Marie

World-renowned Indigenous artist Buffy Sainte-Marie explains in one short and spectacular moment the Doctrine of Discovery and what it means for reconciliation. A must-see! 

Duration:  2:38 minutes

Artist Steven Paul Judd.png

Reconciliation Through Art With Steven Paul Judd

Steven Paul Judd is a Kiowa-Choctaw artist, who fancies pop art, has a knack for comedy, maintains a devoted fan base, and does everything from graphic design to filmmaking to graffiti to writing. Learn more about artist Steven Paul Judd whose photos and short film are part of this initiative. 

We also extend our gratitude to Steven Paul Judd for donating his film, First Contact to the unit, 4 Seasons of Reconciliation.

Discover his work and his passion for history in this article: