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What is

4 Seasons of Reconciliation?


4 Seasons of Reconciliation is a multi-media teaching unit that promotes a renewed relationship between Indigenous Peoples and Canadians, through transformative learning. This educational initiative, developed  for secondary, post-secondary and the workplace incorporates teacher guides, slideshows, videos and films along with engaging online portals. 


How the resource benefits Educators:


4 Seasons of Reconciliation is ready to use for your classroom, and includes a comprehensive teacher’s guidebook, along with a professional development portal. Our teaching unit is user friendly and designed to fully inform even teachers or faculty members less familiar with the themes and terminology of reconciliation between Canadians and Indigenous Peoples. The purchase price of the teaching unit also includes an ongoing support for educators, as well as opportunities to attend training seminars tailor-made to assist teachers in presenting the learning modules in class.   

Our resource provides teachers and school boards with a low-cost, all-inclusive means of fittingly addressing the ever-pressing mandate of teaching the intricacies of reconciliation to secondary and post-secondary students. In addition, the resources we provide are a direct response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s 94 Calls to Action, more specifically # 62, which calls federal, provincial and territorial governments to develop and implement curriculum and learning resources from a First Nations, Metis and Inuit perspective.


We are what we teach:

The themes and narrative arc of our unit follow First Nations principles, and were drawn according to directives from our Indigenous Advisory Circle. Educators as well as schooling institutions will benefit from our ability to establish a network between participating schools and First Nations communities. This in turn will enable students and their professors to ground their learning experience in the First Nations territories and communities that surround them.

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The secondary school teaching unit of 4 Seasons of Reconciliation is designed for grade 10 history classrooms. Our educational resources promote a renewed relationship between Indigenous people and Canadians, through transformative learning. During each season of the year, students will engage in awareness and reconciliation activities. Through discussion and learning modules held in the course of a single week, students and educators will build a foundation of mutual respect and understanding of indigenous contributions to Canada, thereby raising the consciousness of our youths in school, and the people in their communities, for years to come.


The high school unit is comprised of a series of 5 lectures each 75 minutes in length, spanning one school week (5 days) of in-class learning. This teaching unit involves the viewing of the acclaimed film Third World Canada, class discussions, as well as a group project to be presented by students in front of their peers. Teachers will be provided with ready to use PowerPoints, several multimedia resources, as well as a comprehensive teacher’s guide. Teachers will also have access to an online portal for their own professional development, enriched with additional resources and learning material.

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A 4 Seasons of Reconciliation campaign is currently being prepared for students at the college and university level. This reconciliation campaign can be applied to all departments and campuses, and taught within the content of a multitude of courses, disciplines and faculties. Our teaching unit resources will also assist colleges, universities and their students to adopt the Call to Action # 62 (see above), as expressed in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s 94 Calls to Action.


The college and university teaching unit will be comprised of a three-hour overview covering the essential topics of reconciliation, inspired by First Nations University's Reconciliation Certificate Program. Students will then access an online portal and complete one hour of additional learning through video resources. A list of readings for both graduates and undergraduates will be assigned to students the week before the in-class lecture. Faculty members will also have access to an online portal, enriched with additional material for themselves and their students.

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Professional Development

The 4 Seasons of Reconciliation resource is currently being adapted for professional development use in workplaces and faith-based organizations. This version of the resource will assist you, your places of work and worship in adopting the Truth & Reconciliation Commission's call to action # 57. Contact us for more information.


About Us

Our team is comprised of Productions Cazabon, led by the award-winning documentary filmmaker Andrée Cazabon, and the Indigenous Advisory Circle. Andrée Cazabon’s fifth film, 3rd World Canada, focused on the living conditions on a First Nations reserve and their impact on children and their families. Cazabon has dedicated over 10 years, both professional and personally, to raise awareness and promote educational initiatives about reconciliation across our country. 4 Seasons of Reconciliation is the culmination of a journey that continues, thanks to the generous help of our donors and supporters.

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Disponible en Français

Les 4 Saisons de la Réconciliation est une unité d'apprentissage unique conçue dans le but de promouvoir une relation renouvelée entre les Peuples Autochtones et les Canadiens. Cette ressource a été développée afin d'aider votre école ou votre organisme à intégrer les principes de la réconciliation à tous les niveaux.


Les mêmes ressources sont disponibles en français, soit le guide pédagogique, les présentations Powerpoint, ainsi que les vidéos multi-médias prêts à utiliser dans votre salle de classe.

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Advisory circle

The Indigenous Advisory Circle participates in key executive decisions for both the resources and the campaign. The circle is grounded at the centre of Canada's oldest Indigenous-controlled education centre: the First Nations University of Canada.


Our Funders & Supporters

 Residential School and Justice Sinclair Quote


This whole unit has inspired me. I have begun to educate my friends and families about the issues that Indigenous people face daily. I have learned so much in this unit. I really want to make a difference.
— Kelly, grade 10 student
This unit made me open my eyes and it should be taught, not only to students but to every North American.
— Chelsea, grade 10 student
In a way I feel emotionally attached to the unit because now I know what the First Nations people have to go through. This was, by far, my favourite unit that I’ve learned in History
— Serena A., grade 10 student
The truth and reconciliation has published 94 recommendations where 8 of those specifically target education. This resource is a gem that can bring awareness and action to a large population of Ontario students that are becoming the voice of tomorrow.
— Monique Castonguay, Conseil scolaire catholique de Providence
In my four years of doing this work, the most common sentiment I hear from teachers is that they want to teach about Indigenous history. However, they feel ill-equipped in doing it well. Thanks to the efforts of champions of reconciliation, like Andrée, we are now moving forward to an honest place, where an accurate history is presented and taught.
— Mary Ellen Gucciardi, Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board