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Below you can view a few of the videos related to the course to further your own learning. If you wish to expand the course from 3-hour in-class to a longer length, you can opt to show these videos as part of the classroom learning. For this reason we have provided you below, with the corresponding videos related to each PowerPoint and its theme.

Introductory videos:


PPT #1: Colonial Lens and Pre-Contact related content

PPT #4: Residential Schools

PPT#7: Reconciliation

PPT#7: Reconciliation (Alberta)

PPT #2: Colonial Lens

PPT #3: Treaties Content

PPT #6: Indigenous Relations and classroom perspectives:

PPT#8: Restitution

PPT #6: Indigenous Relations (Alberta)

PPT #6: Indigenous Relations (Prince-Edward Island)


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The Truth and Reconciliation Commission's Final Report:


100 Years of Loss: The Residential Schools System in Canada

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If you would like to further your knowledge of Reconciliation, you can take the Certificate of Reconciliation Studies course at the First Nations University of Canada. This 18-credit (6 course) Certificate of Reconciliation Studies (CRS) was created on the heels of the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the CRS program focuses on recognizing the shared history of Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples and the need to promote healing, equity and respect for /of Indigenous cultures and values in Canadian Society.