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module 3


Pre-Contact History: 

In this module we explore the history and innovations of Indigenous Peoples before first contact with Europeans. We will explore both the Indigenous and European worldviews.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Identify the Indigenous worldviews towards land and peoples.

  • Identify the European worldviews towards land and peoples.

  • Identify possible cultural biases shaping Canada’s historical narratives and who authored that history.

  • Evaluate the need to honour Indigenous worldviews in modern day as well as the contributions of Indigenous Peoples.



Pre-Contact History

View the following slides before proceeding to the unit video.

Bonus Video: (With permission from the author) a humorous look at first contact, by Indigenous filmmaker Steven Paul Judd. Duration: 1:42 min.


The Nation of Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug shares their perspectives on ‘early life’. This is the same community that was featured in Module 1 in the documentary, 3rd World Canada. Duration: 5:22 min.


Module Quiz


To complete Module 3: Take the quiz. These short quizzes will assist you in retaining the information you have learned. These are not graded - only the Module 10 final quiz will be.