Step .02 - Download These Files

Teacher's Guide

Did you download the

teacher guide?

If not please download here.


Download the PowerPoints

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Download the Maps

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Save the Multimedia Links

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First Contact Video

'First Contact'


'3rd World Canada'

You can access the film, 3rd Word Canadawith this link here below. We ask that you please view this sensitive film prior to showing it to your students to be better prepared to work with the film. Your teacher guide also provides you with preparation notes prior to showing the film and for the discussion and student activity afterwards.

Version 1: Length - 31 Minutes

Version 2: Length - 47 Minutes

Password: endthirdworld

TED Talk

Steps 1 & 2 Completed

Now that you've saved the files and resources, please take some time to read the Unit in the Teacher Guide PDF.


The Week At-a-Glance


Step .03 - Review the portals

Explore the Student and Professional Development Portals

Student Portal .jpg

Student Portal

Professional Development.jpg

Professional Development Portal


Step .04  - Explore videos to learn more

2 mins & 12 seconds

9 mins & 56 seconds

1 min & 51 seconds


For more videos like these

please visit your Professional Development Portal

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