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Welcome to 4 Seasons: Preamble

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Word of Introduction  from Confederation College

"Negahneewin is an Ojibwe word meaning “Leading the way”. Negahneewin has supported Indigenous education at the College for a number of years. As part of the Indigenous Education Strategy, we will be utilizing the 4 Seasons of Reconciliation education portal. The information follows Indigenous principles and was formed under the guidance of the 4 Seasons of Reconciliation Indigenous Advisory Circle and the First Nations University of Canada. This resource seeks to ensure that respectful education on reconciliation is promoted in educational institutions. There are 9 modules within the portal comprised of a set of slideshows, videos, and short quizzes. Learners may proceed at their own pace, completing one module at a time as it fits their schedule or completing the unit all at once. A certificate of completion is provided at the end. It is an expectation that all employees of the College complete this training as we embark on our Indigenous Education Strategy."

A Message to Learners

President Mark Dockstator of the First Nations University of Canada welcomes you to your learning journey and provides context to what is ‘4 Seasons of Reconciliation

running time: 1:32 min.


To begin the course:

Welcome to 4 Seasons of Reconciliation. Scroll below to familiarize yourself with the unit overview. You can bookmark this page and access each module link at any time. To begin, click the link at the bottom of the page titled, 'Continue to Pre-Module Quiz'.

Unit Overview

The unit is comprised of ten modules totalling approximately 3hrs and 15 min. Learners may proceed at their own pace, completing the unit in one sitting or by fitting this in their schedule, one module at a time. Each module includes a short quiz to help you retain information and be better prepared for the final quiz. The pre-quiz and the unit quizzes are a learning tool to help you retain information and the results are not shared with anyone. Only the final quiz is evaluated for the purpose of receiving the completion certificate. The certificate of completion is the only information shared with the College. Upon completion of the final quiz, your grade will be assessed and a certificate will be emailed to you and your organization's point of contact.

The portal will not retain your learning history and we invite you to jot down the unit you completed so that upon your return, you can navigate to the next module by entering through this ‘Main Landing Page’. We invite you to bookmark this page for ease of navigation.

If you require technical assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking the ‘assistance button found on every page’

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Access Each Module Below: 


Pre-Module Quiz


Pre-Module Quiz

  • Total Time: 15:00 min

Scroll below to begin at the Pre-Module Quiz. 

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Module 01


The Film:Reconciliation on Bay St.’

  • Total Time: 30:00 min

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Module 02


Colonial Lens

  • Welcome Video

  • Slideshow

  • Video

  • Quiz

Total Time: 16:00 min


Module 03



  • Slideshow

  • Video

  • Quiz

Total Time: 20:00 min


Module 04



  • Slideshow

  • Video

  • Quiz

Total Time: 15:00 min

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Module 05


Residential Schools

  • Slideshow

  • Video

  • Quiz

Total Time: 18:00 min

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Module 07


Indigenous Relations

  • Slideshow

  • Quiz

  • Video: ‘Senator Murray Sinclair’s Message to Students’

Total Time: 15:00 min


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Module 08



  • Slideshow

  • Video

  • Quiz

Total Time: 15:00 min


Module 09



  • Slideshow

  • Video

Total Time: 20:00 min

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Module 10

Certificate/Final Quiz


Final Quiz

Total Time: 16:00 min


Total Unit Duration: 3 hrs 15 min

After you have completed the unit, you can access bonus learning elements to continue your awareness of reconciliation education.

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Bonus Learning

Deepen your learning - Access bonus learning elements:

  • Reconciliation films

  • A bonus video library

  • Readings

  • Term Bank

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Reconciliation Education is produced by Productions Cazabon an award-winning media & online publishing company in collaboration with the First Nations University of Canada.


A Special Thank You: 


The First Nations University of Canada

Links to the First Nation’s University of Canada reconciliation certificate and online course will be provided after the Module 10- Final Quiz.