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module 1

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Pre-Unit Quiz

In the first module you can test your knowledge with a short quiz on materials you are about to learn in the unit. 

QUIZ INSTRUCTIONS:  Type in your email address and the name of the organization offering you this course to begin the pre-quiz below. Your email is collected to provide your organization with a list of who started and who completed the course to assist with the delivery of the final certificate. 

Only the final quiz is evaluated (not the pre-quiz below).  A 70% final mark triggers a certificate of completion. After each module you can try the short 4-question quiz to assist you in retaining the information you have learned. These quizzes are not marked - only the final quiz. 

*** Each quiz will open in a new tab on your browser. Once you've completed the quiz please return to the browser tab for this course.

Learning Objectives of the Pre-Unit Quiz: 

  • Almost all of us have not learned in school about Indigenous People and the relationship and history between Indigenous People and those who settled on their lands. This is all new information to most Canadians.  This unit aims to provide you with a basic primer overview while meeting some of the objectives of the '94 Calls to Actions from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission'.
  • This quiz is intended to assist you in obtaining a snapshot of where you are at in your own awareness and knowledge of 'truth and reconciliation' and to provide you with a sense of what you will learn in this unit.
  • In this quiz you will be introduced to the concepts in the unit. 

Pre-Unit Quiz