module 9

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In this unit we will explore the findings of Canada's Truth and Reconciliation Commission. We will also discuss what reconciliation looks like in Canada and the he ways in which all of us can take part. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Identify what reconciliation is and the forms in which it could take
  • Examine the steps the learner may take to be a part of the reconciliation movement
  • Describe the key elements from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report


Teaching Reconciliation

Complete the following video (9:57 mins) before proceeding to the unit readings.

This video may require the following password: cedar


What is reconciliation in Canada?

Complete the following slides (5:00 mins) before proceeding to the unit quiz.

To get a printable PDF version of these slides, use the download link below. 

Bonus Feature Video:

Economic Reconciliation

Reconciliation on Bay Street - Video Trailer 3:55 min. (A short introduction on the economic dimension of reconciliation)

Module Quiz

To complete Module 9: Take the quiz (4 questions)