Welcome to 4 Seasons of Reconciliation

4 Seasons Of Reconciliation is a unique professional development course that promotes a renewed relationship between Indigenous Peoples and Canadians. This resource is developed specifically for the workforce and incorporates online learning with multimedia components.

Please take the time to review the resource and consider it for your organization. As a next step, we suggest a phone or in person meeting.


what is it?

This 3 hour professional development course is comprised of 8 learning modules each 15min in length covering the essential topics of reconciliation. Learners, working at their personal computers or on their tablets will move through readings, videos and short quizzes for each module before completing the course by passing the final test. 

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Online portal

This course consists of 8 modules, each with duration of approximately 15 minutes for a total of 2hrs of online learning. Learners may choose to complete the course in 8 individual sessions, all at once or at their own pace.




Each module contains engaging readings filled with high-resolution images and graphics detailing the main themes and learning objectives of reconciliation.


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Each module also possesses video content professionally produced by Production Cazabon and our Indigenous partners, including the film 3rd World Canada.


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At the end of each module are short quizzes with questions coving the topics of the reading and video materials that must be completed before proceeding to the next module.

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A certificate of completion for the professional development course will be issued to the learner once all the modules are complete and the final test has been accomplished.


Helping you meet the TRC's 94 calls to action

The resources we provide are a direct response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s 94 Calls to Action, more specifically #92, which call upon members of corporate Canada to join the reconciliation movement.


How the resource benefits employees:

4 Seasons of Reconciliation comes ready to use, and includes 8 comprehensive modules which may be completed in short 15min sessions on any computer or tablet. Our Professional Development course is user friendly and designed to fully inform employees from all levels of an organization about the history, themes and terminology of reconciliation. It is a necessary primer for all those who work in the corporate, government or education sector seeking to hire Indigenous employees, work with Indigenous communities or answer the TRC’s Calls to Action. Our course equips your organization’s workforce with the essential themes and understanding about Indigenous perspectives that all employees should possess to undertake reconciliation.  

How the resource benefits Orginizations:

Our resource provides businesses and institutions with a low-cost, all-inclusive means of fittingly addressing the ever-pressing mandate of transmitting the intricacies of reconciliation to their employees. The purchase price of the online professional development unit also includes an ongoing support for your organization, as well as opportunities to attend training seminars to help your organization answer Call to Action #92.


We are what we teach

The themes and narrative arc of our unit follow First Nations principles, and were drawn according to directives from our Indigenous Advisory Circle. Organizations and their workforce will benefit from our ability to establish a network between participating organizations and First Nations communities. This in turn will enable employees to ground their learning experience in the First Nations territories and communities that surround them. 


Advisory circle

The Indigenous Advisory Circle participates in key executive decisions for both the resources and the campaign. The circle is grounded at the center of Canada's oldest Indigenous-controlled education centre: the First Nations University of Canada. 


Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding the 4 Seasons of Reconciliation Unit or wish to purchase the resource for your organization please contact us at: andree@productionscazabon.com