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Step 02: Teaching the Course

In-class 3-hour segment:

Hour 1:

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Hour 2:

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Hour 3:

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Hour 1: Film and Video Viewing

The in-class portion of the unit is 3-hour. It covers an introduction to historical and contemporary topics and is illustratred here. Students begin with the documentary film 3rd World Canada . Instructors may then guide students through a discussion of the film’s issues and themes before proceeding with the 4 Seasons of Reconciliation introductory video below.

3rd World Canada link

Hour 1 of in-class :

third world canada

You can access the film, 3rd Word Canada with this link here below. We ask that you please view this sensitive film prior to showing it to your students to be better prepared to work with the film.

The film "3rd World Canada" is an unfiltered introduction to the past and present state of reconciliation in Canada through the story of one family, in one remote fly-in reserve, deep in the boreal forest of northwestern Ontario.

Since the 'Truth and Reconciliation Commission', reconciliation is Canada's goal to foster a respectful relationship between Indigenous Peoples and Canadians. To achieve this, the starting point is a truthful account of Canada’s history of injustices towards Indigenous People. Starting with 'truth' allows us to move to a place of hope and understanding. Without ‘truth-telling’, we cannot journey towards reconciliation.

The community and family who participated in the film, did so to raise awareness of the third world conditions in Canada. They wanted to open our eyes and hearts, in the hope that through education and awareness comes positive change for Indigenous Peoples and for Canada.

Password: endthirdworld

Pre-viewing Disclaimer & Warning: 

This film may be difficult to watch because it portrays the impact of suicide on a family of young orphan siblings as well as systemic injustices in Canada, that may be difficult to learn about. Viewer discretion is advised. For younger audiences and for those who may find suicide a sensitive topic, a 30-minute version of the film was created to offer an alternative to the full-length film. This shorter version removed some of the more sensitive moments related to the suicides’ impact. We invite instructors to view the longer version for their own learning and to then select the length of video to show in their class. Depending on the timing of your class, you may also opt to show the 30-minute version to allow for more discussion time.

It will be important to leave enough time in the course to end on a positive and inspiring note by showing students the short 4-minute introduction video and to provide them with the context and what they can anticipate during this unit. To clear the air of emotions after ‘3rd World Canada’ we suggest showing the introduction video (after) instead of before the film.

Introductory Video for Viewing Here:


Hours 2 and 3: Instructors will guide students from PowerPoint # 1 through # 8:

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Download PowerPoints and review before presenting them in class. Click here to download high resolution powerpoints.

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Powerpoint #2 Multimedia content:

First Contact link

Here is the link to the short humorous film 'First Contact' (1:45 min.) by artist Steven Paul Judd.  It will be presented before PPT#2 Pre-Contact, below:

first contact

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