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Learning Objectives

This Professional Development unit provides a basic foundational knowledge that nearly all Canadians missed throughout the course of their education, prior to reconciliation. Many of us were not taught about the historical and ongoing relationship between Indigenous Peoples and those who settled on their lands.

This unit will help you and your organization meet some of the '94 Calls to Actions from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission'. 

This online unit is meant to enhance (not replace) local Indigenous knowledge. We hope that that it will provide a bridge that facilitates relationships with Indigenous Peoples, Nations and organizations as a result of this heightened awareness and understanding. A deeper awareness and understand is also aimed at enhancing your workplace and your own professional journey.


Pre-Module Quiz

Test your knowledge with a short quiz on Truth and Reconciliation elements which you will learn in the unit. Only the final quiz at Module 10 is evaluated and shared with your workplace.  



Introducing 4 Seasons of Reconciliation

Watch the short introduction video to the unit, if you have not already viewed it on your landing page. By scrolling below the video, you can then proceed to the first slide presentation on colonialism in Canada. (3:59 min.)

Watch a short video message from Senator Murray Sinclair, Commissioner of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. (3:15 min.)

Interested in furthering your knowledge on reconciliation?

Visit the “Bonus Learning” page at anytime for extra videos, documentaries, and PDF readings. This link is also accessible through the landing page “Unit Overview”, which you can also access at any time at the bottom left of every page.

In certain modules, we will suggest bonus viewing videos from your ‘Bonus Learning’ library that connect to some of the module’s theme. Questions in the final quiz will not pertain to these bonus sections and these videos can be watched at your leisure. Every season, more videos will be added to your bonus learning section which you can access long after you’ve completed the final quiz.