This (private) page provides you access to a proposal (PDF) for the Royal Bank of Canada team to evaluate the procurement of a multi-media online course on economic reconciliation for the platform RBC TalentLink.

We look forward to meeting with you in June to discuss customized solutions whereby RBC can champion economic reconciliation in Canada by being the first bank to offer such a platform to their employees, inspiring the financial sector to follow suit.


  1. Watch course preview video (2-min)

  2. Download PDF proposal

  3. Access a demo of the course (and its bonus video library)

  4. Preview the trailer of the film ‘Reconciliation on Bay St.’ (shown to RBC Law and RBC Town Hall)

Watch theEconomic Reconciliation’ film by clicking on the play button in the bottom left corner below:

Watch the course intro video:

  1. Watch the 2-min overview video introducing you to the course

  2. Login to your course by:

  3. Click on the blue button ‘Access Course Here’. You will arrive at the course ‘sign-up’ page.

  4. Click on the white button Enter Here

  5. Fill in the form to: create your student profile by adding your email address and selecting a password of your choice for this site.

  6. Bookmark this course log-in page to return to the course at any time

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Film Trailer (4:00 minute)

We invite you to view the trailer of the film on economic reconciliation which is an element of the proposed learning portal. This film and a panel was presented to the RBC Law Group on April 17th, 200 Bay St, 40th floor. What a successful and trailblazing event that was!


4 Seasons of Reconciliation is an online course portal that promotes a renewed relationship between Indigenous Peoples and Canadians through transformative multi-media learning. This educational initiative, developed in collaboration with First Nations University of Canada, is for secondary, post-secondary and the workplace. Each bilingual course incorporates teacher guides, slideshows, videos, films within engaging online portals and is currently in five provinces.

These courses are a companion piece to our latest reconciliation initiative: a 4-part documentary film series co-created with First Nations University of Canada.