Select your top 3 topics from the menu of choice below and hand in your selection to your teacher in class. Your teacher will divide the class into groups based on preferences and class size. All you need to do is choose your top 3 topics from the selection below. (Preferences will be taken into account but choices are not guaranteed) . In your group, create a Powerpoint slide presentation of your chosen theme. Your presentation will be 3 to 5 minutes in class and include as many slides as you need to fit within this time frame. We suggest that your presentation include approximately 6 to 10 slides.

(Please practice the timing of your presentation to stay within the 4 to 5 minute time range). 

Your presentation will include the following elements:

  • 1 quote with proper citation (your quote must be from an indigenous source or author)
  • 1 personal opinion or statement (what are your views on this topic or on reconciliation as a whole)
  • 1 powerful question (your group does not need to answer the question)
  • Photos (as many as you need to convey your topic and to ensure that they convey your information visually)
  • Visual graphic elements: maps, cartoons, logos, etc. (minimum of 1)
  • Reference 1 video online that your group has watched and would recommend to your class to watch on your topic (insert link and an image in your presentation)
  • Wampum Belt teachings: At least 1 slide will connect your topic to the Wampum Belt teachings. Comment on the quality of the relationship between Indigenous People and settlers (Canadians or the Government of Canada) or tie in how the teachings of the Wampum Belt could (or do) relate to your chosen topic.