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Watch the following content from the playlist below. These videos will delve deeper into unit topics such as Treaties, Colonial Policies and testimonies from residential school survivors. It also includes videos created for you as educators. For videos that require a password please type: cedar.


Expand Your Knowledge

Below please find bonus learning materials and professional development links to assist you in learning more about themes and concepts related to truth and reconciliation and the 4 Seasons of Reconciliation unit. We recognize that at this junction in Canadian history, students and teachers are learning side by side, as this is new learning for everyone. We encourage you to proceed at your own pace since the 4 Seasons of Reconciliation unit is ready for you to teach immediately. 

Within your immediate environment you can also connect to the Native Studies teacher in your school and to your school board Indigenous Lead. 


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Residential Schools

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Youth & Reconciliation

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Supplementary Education Resources

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Learning from Indigenous Voices