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Grade 9 Canadian Identities Course

4 Seasons Of Reconciliation is a unique teaching tool that promotes a renewed relationship between Indigenous Peoples and Canadians. This unit is suited for the New Brunswick Grade 9 Canadian Identities Course and it incorporates in-class learning with multi-media and online portals providing all of the preparations and materials needed to teach reconciliation.

The history unit is composed of 5 modules each 55 minutes in length, spanning one school week (5 days) of in-class learning. Teachers are provided with ready-to-use PowerPoints, several multimedia resources, and a comprehensive teacher's guide. This unit features the viewing of the film Third World Canada, class discussions and student group presentations.

This portal includes the Professional Development Section which can be shared with education staff to deepen their own awareness of 'Truth and Reconciliation' and provides additional classroom resources for other subjects. 

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The findings and call to action in this report are important steps in recognizing the
wrongdoings of our past. There are periods in our history on which we look back with
sadness and shame. The policy which saw aboriginal children being removed from
their homes, families and communities to attend a residential school is one of those
periods, and the trauma that resulted from these actions continues today.

As a government, we will take the necessary time to review the report and its
recommendations, and will work to repair and rebuild the relationship with First
— Brian Gallant - Premier of New Brunswick

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