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Watch the introduction video:

Introduction video: running time 4:38 min.

This introduction is part of the in-class media and provides students and faculty with an overview of the unit and presents some of its Indigenous contributors and collaborators. This video is part of the course.


4 Seasons of Reconciliation is an educational initiative developed for all post-secondary students which incorporates in-class learning with multi-media and captivating online components. 4 Seasons of Reconciliation includes a comprehensive instructor’s guidebook, along with a video library portal for students and faculty. The five-hour unit is user-friendly and designed to prepare faculty members less familiar with reconciliation.



Once the instructor accesses the password-protected portal, they begin preparing for the unit by reading the 5-page instruction guide which help them prepare for the 3 hour in-class as well as provide them with information for students to access the pre-quiz and their own portals where they will find their required readings and their bonus video portal. You can view this guide here:

Start Teaching Reconciliation


Download Guide

This short guide will assist the educator in delivering the multi-media materials in the classroom and in understanding the learning design of the unit.


Overview of In-Class Slideshows


In DEMO MODE we provide you access to one example of the deck of slideshows (PowerPoints) available in this unit.

Preview the Sample SlideShow Below:

Overview of Readings

Required Readings


Bonus Readings

These additional readings were recommended by our Advisory Circle at the First Nations University of Canada:

Readings .jpg

"3rd World Canada" Preview

Hour 1 of in-class :

Show the film from Productions Cazabon, 3rd World Canada, (47mins). The film is part of the 'truth-telling' of the current reality of where we are in the continuum of reconciliation. From seeing the truth, students are motivated to learn more about the history and the journey towards reconciliation.

In DEMO MODE: we invite you to watch the 5-minute preview: 

third world canada

Preview Term Bank 

Download the Term Bank which defines common terms used throughout the unit and their suggested usage below:

Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 6.26.11 PM.png

First Contact Link

Here is the link to the short humourous film 'First Contact' (1:45 min.) by artist Steven Paul Judd.  It will be presented before PPT#2 Pre-Contact, below:

first contact

Professional Development Videos 

These videos, produced by our team, will delve deeper into unit topics such as Treaties, Colonial Policies and testimonies from residential school survivors. It also includes videos created for you as educators. 

Watch: President Mark Dockstator: ‘What is ‘4 Seasons of Reconciliation?


Watch two videos here:

The Student Portal

This student portal is where students access the unit content including the quiz, the required readings and the bonus video library.

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The Professional Development Portal DEMO and the Secondary Unit DEMO

are also available for you to preview: 


4 Seasons of Reconciliation is a multi-media teaching unit that promotes a renewed relationship between Indigenous Peoples and Canadians, through transformative learning. This educational initiative, developed  for secondary, post-secondary and the workplace incorporates teacher guides, slideshows, videos and films along with engaging online portals. 


For Further Learning:


If you would like to further your knowledge, beyond the ‘4 Seasons of Reconciliation’ units, you can take the Certificate of Reconciliation Studies course at the First Nations University of Canada. This 18-credit (6 course) Certificate of Reconciliation Studies (CRS) was created on the heels of the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the CRS program focuses on recognizing the shared history of Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples and the need to promote healing, equity and respect for /of Indigenous cultures and values in Canadian Society.